Pennsylvania establishments can now sell cocktails to-go just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

And restaurant owners in Monroe County are hoping it’ll be the boost in sales they need as the pandemic continues.

A Strawberry Mojito is waiting for you at Trackside Grill and Bar in East Stroudsburg. The owner is excited to make your favorite mixed drink to-go.

Trackside Grill and Bar Owner Diane Tepedino says, "We heard about it yesterday and we started the cocktails to-go today so I made my menu last night, went to the store, bought some fresh fruit to make some really fresh cocktails."

Hotel and restaurants offering meals to-go that have lost at least 25 percent of average monthly sales because of COVID-19 business restrictions may now sell prepared beverages in sealed containers.

Tepedino says, "We have definitely felt some of that pain of not being able to offer it to our guests. We’ve had a lot of people ask."

The newly signed law is also allowing Trackside to hire back more employees.

Tepedino says, "It feels good to call my bartenders, let them know that we’re on."

The owner of Newberry’s Yard of Ale in Stroudsburg believes the extra offering is just what’s needed to get his restaurant up and running again.

Newberry's Yard of Ale Owner Barry Lynch says, "To this point, we had been closed so this hopefully will be a breath of fresh air for the people of Stroudsburg and for us and help business get restarted and help us come back to some form of normalcy."

And we’re told there’s no better time it could’ve been signed into law than before Memorial Day Weekend. The restaurants are looking forward to being extra busy.

Lynch says, "It’s individual families celebrating the holiday weekend and they’re together in their houses or in their backyard or by their pools so I do think that getting a cocktail, bringing it home will be a big treat, make the weekend and I do think a lot of people will take advantage of it."

While people on Facebook are questioning the safety of this new option, police say it’s just like any other transported alcohol beverage. 

Trooper First Class David Peters of PA State Police Troop N says, "You can always go into a beer store or liquor store and purchase alcohol and bring it into your car and drink it as you drive if that was your choice. It’s not something we want you to do, it’s not the responsible thing to do, but that was always an opportunity for someone to do, this just creates another opportunity."

Police will be out in full force just like they always are during this holiday weekend, so drink responsibly.