Police are looking for help finding the people responsible for shooting at cars in Wayne County.

Several cars, including an ambulance were struck by BBs in Hawley yesterday.

An ambulance with Tafton Fire Company took three hits while driving down the road. 

Tafton Chief, Mike Miller was rushing a patient to the hospital when he was forced to slam on the brakes in his ambulance.

"At first I thought it was we were behind them with the lights on, but then I heard several loud bangs. "

Miller points the finger at three teenagers standing above the rock cut in Hawley - targeting vehicles driving by.

"We realized when we passed their were three individuals on the hill so we did contact state police along with the county. "

You can see the marks in the Tafton Ambulance where the BB'S ricocheted off..

"We had a patient in the car so if that came thorough we would have had to possibly delay life saving treatment to the individual. "

Miller points out the incident mirrors what happened this same time last year when a group of teenagers were arrested for shooting at vehicles from the exact same location.

"If that comes through someones windshield or hits them in the eyes you can seriously hurt someone. "

People like Ralph Morrisey and Tom Jones who live in the area are fed up this reckless behavior seems to have become a popular game.

"There are alot of places you can go shoot guns, but you don't shoot at cars that's just bad."

" Nothing surprises me anymore, but now you always have to keep your eyes open."

And they both hope police find the people responsible before someone gets seriously injured.

"Imagine if that hit someone on a motorcycle who was driving, that would be really bad. "

"People are selfish, capable of doing anythings, stupid, inconsiderate, whatever. "

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks.