Many retail businesses that struggled through the pandemic in Monroe county, will open Friday when the area moves into the Yellow phase of the Governors plan. However concert and event venues will have to wait even longer. 

For years the Sherman theatre has been the premiere space for high profile concerts in Monroe county, In for the last 2 months COVID-19 has changed that.

“We’ve been closed since March 15th, we have no shows currently happening and according to the governor we won’t have any shows happening for a long time,” said President and CEO, Rich Berkowitz

The historic Pocono Cinema, is now closed down and not able to screen films as it has done for over a century. CFO, Churck Curry says they have been working on repairs and upgrades during the downtime.

“We’re trying to keep busy but ultimately we do need to raise money because we do have existing bills that will go forward,” said Curry.