Thanks to the pandemic many people are making plans for a staycation this summer.

But diving into your own backyard may not be so easy.

Pools are in high demand like toilet paper.

The Gianotti Family would love to spend the summer swimming in their Brodheadsville backyard now that the pandemic has them stuck at home.

Karen Gianotti says, "With everything that’s going on, it’s more difficult to go to beaches and get out of the house and do things so with two kids at home during the week, it’s nice to have something to do to cool off."

But getting a pool has been pretty impossible.

Gianotti says, "We called a few places. A&J Pools was the first place we tried and he said that we wouldn’t be able to get a pool in until August."

The Gianotti’s quote is one of many sitting on Owner Al Ruiz’s desk at A & J Pools located on Route 115 in Brodheadsville. His phone has been ringing off the hook.

Ruiz says, "The manufacturers weren’t working and they finally went to work and the demand is so great, they can’t produce enough pools so that’s why the delivery is so late."

But now Ruiz is trying to offer a different style pool as a solution.

Ruiz says, "A little bit more expensive but it’s a pool that has a lifetime warranty. You can put it on the ground, semi-in-ground or totally in-ground and some people are taking that because we can get that pool in about three weeks or so."

It’s the same situation at Durah Pools but they do still have eight in stock with one pending sale.

Durah Pools Owner Suzanne Kuehner says, "We’ve always had pools leftover at the end of a season and here we are now in the beginning of June coming soon and we’re just about sold out, and we actually had double the inventory."

Once those pools are sold Kuehner doesn’t think they’ll have any available until the end of July as long as production starts again.

Kuehner says, "The pools are manufactured in Canada so they’re having issues where they’re shutdown due to the virus."

Kuehner says it’s also unusual seeing hot tubs floating out the door. She started with five spas on the floor and now only has two left.