Tomorrow is Primary Election day in Pennsylvania. 

Most of the normal polling locations will be open for voters to cast a ballot .

However with the threat of covid-19 still looming, safeguards are being put in place to keep voters and poll workers safe. 

Polling places in Pike and Wayne County will be open, but voters should brace themselves to wait a little longer to cast a ballot.

 “They are going to be sanitizing the polling places in between voters so wait times might be a little longer so we are asking people to be courteous, respectful and be patient.

But with the Presidential nominees already decided, Nadeen Manzoni predicts turnout will most likely be low.

“We know it’s going to be a Trump and Biden race so that’s usually a big draw for people to come out and vote in person and up at the polls. “

Election leaders in both counties are also encouraged by the number of mail-in ballots that have been turned in.

“We are processing them every day. We were sending out between 100-200 a day so we are up over 5200 right now. “

“The 2016 presidential primary we had a total turnout countywide of 11,000 people and we already had more than 6,000 return the mail-in or absentee ballots. “

But for voters looking to show up in person, social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced at all polling locations.

“They will have painters tape and set hash marks on the floor and they will then make a determination of how many people they will be comfortable allowing inside the polling place at one time.

And election leaders are urging voters to wear a mask, since many of the poll workers are older and fall into the high risk demographic.

“They are going to be working 14 hour days and they are doing this to keep the polls open for you so please respect them and wear a mask.

The polls open at 7am and close at 8pm tomorrow.