Garden centers in Monroe County are trying to keep up with the high demand.

The coronavirus crisis has people trying to see if they have a green thumb.

First time gardner Shana Heidorn says, "Gardening is my new hobby."

Heidorn and her husband are on the hunt today for more berry bushes. The couple left Philadelphia at the start of the pandemic and brought their family to their cabin in the Poconos.

Heidorn says, "My husband built me a humongous green house that we’ve already packed so I said we need a bigger boat, and then he built me a huge garden that we’ve already packed and I said honey, I need another garden."

But they’re coming up empty handed at Ross and Ross Nursery in Cresco. The owners are having a hard time keeping flowers and plants in stock. We’re told the demand is higher than the supply.

Linda Besecker of Ross and Ross Nursery says, "I tell everybody it’s like toilet paper, the flowers are like gold this year. But we’re making lots of trips so we can make people happy and fill their orders the best we can."

Thanks to so many people self-quarantining at home, we’re told a lot more people are trying to grow their own food than ever before.

Besecker says, "We had a frost like a week ago so of course they lost a lot of things so lettuce, some things, are just impossible now. We had it early in the season and they have to start all over from seed."

East Stroudsburg Resident Sandy Mosher says, "There is a shortage of things so you kind of do with what you can find."

The Farmer’s Basket in Stroud Township has been trying to keep a nice variety for customers by ordering more and trying new vendors.

The Farmer's Basket Owner Sara Carey, "It’s been extremely busy, more than we’ve seen in the last five or six years. We’re having a hard time getting product in and keeping it here. As soon as we unload trucks, they’re gone the next day."

But she’s also out of certain vegetable plants and flowers.

Carey says, "Flats like marigolds, petunias and impatiens, a lot of the bedding plants in bulk are hard to get ahold of."

Customers at both places tell us it pays to shop local.

East Stroudsburg Resident Meghan Hennessy says, "I know they have everything here is local they tend to grow better here than I found going to the home improvement stores."

The garden centers are getting regular shipments in so if you’re not finding what you’re looking for, they recommend giving them a call.