Everyone is looking forward to enjoying the reopened economy as COVID-19 numbers are dropping - but health experts are concerned of a second wave. They are reminding people COVID-19 is still out there and is still a real threat.

We've moved into the yellow and green phases cause the shutdown was working to flatten the curve, but COVID-19 is not gone. Disease specialists from Lehigh Valley Health Network say if customers treat the economic reopening carelessly, we're bound to put the numbers back up to where they were in March and April.

"If we stop doing those things: the wearing the masks, keeping a six feet distance, and avoiding gatherings then the virus is bound to come back." said Doctor Susheer Gandotra from Lehigh Valley-Pocono.

Dr. Gandotra said we need to continue to follow the rules of hand sanitation, masks, and social distancing as we enjoy our businesses. Just because you feel well doesn't mean you don't have coroavirus and you can't spread it. A recent report came out saying asymptomatic people are less likely to spread the virus, but Dr. Gandotra disagrees. Someone can be spreading the infectious virus two days before symptoms occur.

"Asymptomatic shedding is very much there." He said, "And some studies have shown up to 44 percent of the transmission is through the asymptomatic patients."

And it makes sense because you're not going to hug or shake hands with someone who is constantly coughing, and that person who is sick is less likely to go out in public if they have a high fever or trouble breathing..

"They will probably stay away from that person. People are getting infection when they let their guard down, and they feel that the next person is fine. They're not having symptoms." Dr. Gandotra said.

The rules of the number of people allowed to gather has nothing to do with risk, but what's called contact tracing. A single COVID-positive person can ruin a whole party whether there's 5 people or 25 people. But it's much easier to retrace their steps of who they've been around when there's just a few.

"Imagine if there are hundreds of people in a gathering." He said, "That's going to be very, very difficult and by the time you reach out to them, they're going to be spreading further and it's going to be an outbreak."

Dr. Gandotra said a second and even third wave is possible if we don't continue to treat this seriously, but that's not to say you cannot support your local businesses responsibly.