Today resort employees are busy making sure the indoor water parks are ready for guests tomorrow.

We got a behind the scenes look at preparations at Camelback's Aquatopia Indoor Water Park in Tannersville.

Lifeguards are roleplaying a drowning situation in the wave pool at Aquatopia indoor Water Park today. They’re relearning techniques and also incorporating ways to prevent spreading the new coronavirus.

Risk Management Director Pam Truchon at Camelback Resort says, "What they’ve recommended is that each lifeguard use a anti-viral filter when they have to do rescue breathing."

Instead of just yelling for kids to walk and not run, they’re going to also have to make sure families stay six feet apart from other families. Luckily they’ll have help with the slides with markers like this for the lines and chairs are being positioned today to give families the right amount of space.

Truchon says, "A greeter will greet the party at the door and they will ask them how many people in your party, just like you do when you go to a restaurant and then they’ll be escorted to a seating area."

Those are just some of the new procedures. Each employee had two days of training before coming back to work. While Camelback Lodge Reopened last week, its indoor water park is opening tomorrow morning at 10.

Camelback Resort President Shawn Hauver says, "Not very often in our industry do you close a hotel or water park so we really took advantage of the opportunity to do a lot of improvements and a lot of cleaning, and a lot of mechanical things that needed to be done so the water park has never been in better shape."

Employees are not only cleaning everything, but they have new equipment to make sure everything is as sanitized as possible, like this electrostatic disinfectant machine.

Truchon says, "They don’t have to worry about getting the whole entire surface because the sprayer and the charge on the particles causes the object to be enveloped."

Both the hotel and the indoor water park will only allow 50 percent occupancy. New technology was added at the entrance of Aquatopia so that employees can monitor how many people are coming and going at all times.