Many long-distance summer vacations have been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Instead many families are planning trips that are closer to home.

Reservations at Kittatinny Canoes are booking up quick as more travelers look for open spaces. 

It’s usually a busy time of time of year for Dave Jones, but this season, he’s even busier than normal.

“People are really anxious to get outside. They are just sick and tired of being cooped up.”

Jones explains people are pivoting away from tropical destinations to outdoor excursions that they can road trip to and camp in – Kittatinny Canoes fits that profile.

“Many first time campers who just want to get out there and not get on airplanes and take long trips. There doing home trips and this is perfect for that. “

“The business is riding a wave of success, with more and more people discovering a natural way to socially distance.

“They are discovering a love for the river, they aren’t going to ball games and concerts, but they are coming out and exploring and that’s how I grew up. “

But Jones is facing a drought of manpower

“We are really short a lot of employees. That seems to be the biggest issue we are having right now. “

Jones still has about 50 positions he needs filled.

"Part time full time, we have all kinds of diverse jobs."

And while the pandemic caused plenty of stress, for Jones, it also ignited a passion for people to appreciate the beauty in their own backyard.

“It’s a good thing, it’s a healthy thing and I think It says a lot about the future of what we do. “

Kittatinny Canoes is hiring both part and full time positions. Job applications can be found on their website.