The pandemic is giving new meaning to bar hopping in the Poconos. Now people are just trying to find a place that’ll let you in.

That's because there are new guidelines to how many people can be indoors at one time.

Thursday through Saturday is no longer a club atmosphere at Maritas Cantina on Main Street in Stroudsburg thanks to Covid concerns.

Manager Joyce Jericho of Maritas Cantina says, "We just don’t want to risk anyone getting sick and too many people being in here and breaking any guidelines and rules."

The Mexican restaurant and bar is now closing earlier at 9PM to keep following the 50 percent capacity rule easier.

Jericho says, "No big crowds at nighttime to come in that we have to worry about getting anyone upset if there’s a big group together."

When it comes to the bar, they’re allowing no more than four people in a group and they have to be six feet apart. Everyone’s safety is their top concern.

Jericho says, "I have children, the other employees have children and families, and we don’t want anybody to get sick so we don’t want it and we don’t want our customers to get it."

Siamsa Irish Pub is doing its best to keep bar hoppers safe. As you can see, the barstools are marked to be six feet apart. But they’re also reducing their hours at night to close at midnight instead of 2AM. 

Owner Douglas Gawthrop of Siamsa Irish Pub says, "Trying to manage the situation, it’s a little more difficult. Not a whole lot of good goes on after midnight anyway so we just decided to shutdown."

To manage the crowd that does come in, they now have someone at the door for extra eyes.

Gawthrop says, "Keep count how many people can come in and if there are people standing around the bar, he’ll come over and tell them listen you have to sit down."

The pub’s owner tells us most people are understanding when it comes to their new required rules. And they’re just doing their best with the ones who aren’t.

Gawthrop says, "It’s a little difficult, some people get nasty but they have to understand that’s the way the CDC is."

If you are looking to stay out until 2 AM there are a couple of bars on Main Street that will still be serving patrons. But space is limited.