Wearing a mask or face covering has become a heated debate across the country.

Governor Tom Wolf reminds Pennsylvanians that mask-wearing is required when entering any business in all counties in the state. 

As businesses reopen we have seen many videos go viral of people refusing to wear a mask inside a place where it’s required.

The most common complaints for those refusing to wear a mask cite not being able to breathe or argue they have a medical condition that exempts them from wearing one.

But everyone we spoke with agrees, masks not only help, but are critical to slow the spread.

On any given day, someone will leave their house, enter a store and get into a heated argument with a stranger about wearing masks

“I stopped at a stand on the side of the road the other day to buy eggs and the guy went ballistic because I didn’t have a mask on and he wasn’t wearing one either. “

Ray Liebold explains he forgot his mask that day, but has no issue wearing one.

“Listen it’s their store and they make the rules and if you want to shop, you need to abide by their rules. “

Others we spoke with can’t understand how wearing masks morphed into a political flash point, with some arguing it impinges on their freedom. “

“People bitch and moan about everything I wear it for other people because it’s the respectful thing to do. “

“Any time I go inside a store or a place where there are mass gatherings of people I always wear a mask because it makes others feel comfortable. “

Dr. Geralyn Ponizo labels it selfish to not wear a mask, pointing out the concept only works if everyone plays by the rules.

“Doctors and nurses working in intensive care units, in hospitals and operating rooms have worn masks all day routinely. I think masks work, I think we should be wearing masks, when we are in public, indoors and in close proximity to each other. “

Ponzio blames mixed messages about their usefulness for contributing to the confusion with some people contending masks are stripping them of their rights.

“I think the problem is people don’t want to be told what to do, so they rebel against that, but this is really about their safety and the safety of others. “

And everyone we spoke with agree, they see no issue with masks, and point the finger at a very vocal minority who refuse to comply.

“Its always the smallest amount of people causing the most noise for any issue, so this is the same thing. “

Dr. Ponizo also tells us it’s rare that any medical condition would result in someone being exempt from wearing a mask.

She points out, most patients from cancer to emphysema are urged to use them in public.