It’s still up in the air what returning to school will look like in August amid the pandemic.

But Stroudsburg Area School District is preparing plans for all three Pennsylvania color phases.

While nothing has been approved, the superintendent is reaching out to the school community on what to expect and an alternative to school that's available.

Stroudsburg students are supposed to return to school on August 31st. Now that’s assuming Monroe County is still in the green phase. But how many will be allowed to come to school at one time is also waiting on how many feet will be required for physical distancing.

Superintendent Dr. Cosmas Curry says, " American Association of Pediatrics put an article out on Monday outlining specificity that three feet is acceptable."

If it’s three feet between each student, everyone will be able to come back in the green phase. But if it’s six feet, parents should plan on kids being home a few days a week whether in the green or yellow phase.

Curry says, "We’re looking at an alphabetized process right now of going “A-K” on Monday, Tuesday, “L-Z” would learn online those two days. Wednesday would be an online day for everybody with us having the ability to clean the buildings to sanitize it to bring back the “L-Z” students Thursday, Friday with “A-K” learning online."

The required feet will also determine how many students will be able to be on a bus at one time.

Curry says, "I think if families can either have their son or daughter drive to school themself. I think if parents can drive their children themselves, that obviously helps."

The district is coming up with a plan for each color so that it’s an easy switch between all three day to day. Children will most likely be wearing masks and three washable ones will be provided to them from the district.

Curry says, "There’s a reduction of transmission 85 to 90 percent of virus by wearing a mask."

The superintendent is hoping parents start preparing their children for the new normal now. The goal is to not see anyone get COVID-19.

Curry says, "Create a culture of caring and responsibility for each and every individual regardless of age, grade level or job within the district."

The superintendent also wants parents to know if they don’t feel comfortable sending their kids to school, the Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy is a no-cost option. So far over 180 students have enrolled.

Stroudsburg Parent Marilyn Morris says, "I work in the school district in New York and it seems to be ok."

Stroudsburg Parent Curtis McCollin says, "I’m still trying to figure out, but most likely I’m leaning towards the academy."

You’re asked to sign up as soon as possible for the cyber program because they can only enroll so many students per day. For more information or for regular updates, just go to Stroudsburg Area School District’s website.