Crowds are flocking to the Poconos to celebrate Independence Day.

Lake Wallenpaupack was jammed today with visitors excited to escape from their homes and venture into the great outdoors.

Whether it’s taking a stroll on the dike or hitting the water, July 4th weekend kicked off at Lake Wallenpaupack.

“Just a day out, it’s just good to get out. “

It wasn’t by design Rob Conover and his wife Jodi ended up at Lake Wallenpaupack.

“I have no idea we just picked it on the map and here we go. “

But the couple has no complaints with the destination after being trapped in the house for months.

“We were cooped up with kids and the dog and I was sick of looking at the same people and its great to have this change of scenery. “

“I was about to lose my mind staying in the house. “

For visitors like Paul Anderson having fun was a given, but following the rules was also critical.

“We went online and found this spot and it’s just what we are looking for, kind of secluded and not a lot of people.

Many here are social distancing – just relieved to be social again.  

“We are firm believers in connecting with other people and we haven’t been able to do that for a long time so we were itching to get out. “

“Yahoooo come on man this is great, this is what it’s all about. “

Tourism officials are encouraged seeing the large crowds flocking in.

“Its July and its time for people to enjoy all the Poconos has to offer, this is fresh air at its best. “

And for James Hamill, the busy weekend should give the tourism industry a much needed boost.

“Camping, biking, fishing, kayaking, there is just so much for people to do out here in the Poconos. “

While there are plenty of activities to enjoy, Hamill does remind visitors that the 4th of July fireworks celebration scheduled for tomorrow on Lake Wallenepaupack has been cancelled.