The pandemic means more trash in area parks. The National Park Service was busy all holiday weekend cleaning up from visitors and it continued today.

The national park service has a "leave no trace" policy, meaning whatever you bring into a park you should take home with you. Across the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, there are more than 100 trash cans and all of them were overflowing and visitors continued to leave their trash in the parks. These are just a few of the photos park service employees shared with news 13. Officials want all park visitors to remember that taking care of our parks is everyone's responsibility. The food waste attracts bears, racoons and a variety of other wildlife. The trash can also be harmful to the animals. The photos from parks like Dingmans Falls and Milford Beach are a reminder that trash pickup and restrooms remain limited during this health crisis and anything you bring into the park, is your responsibility to take out of the park with you.