Meanwhile, businesses are having a tough time enforcing people to wear masks.

Even with signs up asking you to wear a mask, some people ignore the request.

Local officials say refusing to wear a mask in public could ultimately shut down the county again.

Manager Jason Staples of Penn Stroud Beverage says, "Everybody has an opinion whether they’re for it or against it. We try to make sure the customers do have it on when they do come in the store, as the state wishes, but it can be a little difficult."

We witnessed that difficulty first-hand today at Penn Stroud Beverage on West Main Street in Stroudsburg. While the majority of customers were wearing masks at the beer distributor, some people flat out refused.

Staples says, "We kindly ask them to wear one. If they don’t have one, we actually even have free ones right here that the state has donated so they can throw one on."

The manager can understand why people feel safe not covering their nose or mouth while they make their selections. We’re told there’s usually only one or two customers in the store at one time so there’s plenty of room to stay six feet apart. Plus they have a lot of safety measures in place.

Staples says, "They know that we keep it very clean. We clean at least three to four times a day all the surfaces. The doors are usually always open so the air is going through quite a bit. We did put in obviously a shield so we’re not breathing on our customers or our customers aren't breathing on us."

While he doesn’t think people walking in without a mask are hurting the economy. He says wearing one is for everyone’s safety.

Staples says, "We’re appreciative of customers wearing them, our staff has been wearing them as well to do our part."

Our local government officials say wearing masks is what’s allowing our economy to be on the road to recovery. They say it’s a small sacrifice to help prevent COVID-19 cases from spiking again in Monroe County.

Monroe County Commissioner John Moyer says, "Masks are probably the most effective way of preventing the spread and it’s not so much when I go out wearing a mask, I’m protecting myself, but rather if I’ve been exposed, I’m protecting people."

Monroe County Commissioner John Christy says, "It’s the idea of keeping what’s open, open. We don’t want to fall back and not have the economy that we’re trying to regenerate."

Christy adds it would kill our local economy if Pennsylvania is added to the list of quarantine states. Since the numbers of infections are so high in those states, if you visit, you’re required to not leave your house for 14 days upon returning to Pennsylvania.

Christy says, "In Monroe County, we are a tourism-based economy and by wearing masks and asking people to wear masks, we can continue that economy."

Moyer agrees and believes businesses have the right to deny you service if you’re not wearing a mask.