In about a month's time, Jim Thorpe Area School District has created its plan for reopening.

It includes procedures for each color phase--green, yellow, and red.

"This is a summer like no other. We had to move quickly," said district superintendent, John Rushefski.

It addresses everything from transportation to cleaning procedures but the bottom line is if Carbon County stays green, students will return to school buildings at 100 percent capacity, five days a week.

"We're looking at keeping students in cohorts or bubbles where students are kind of all together and teachers move to the students. That way it minimizes hallway congestion," said Joe Brown, the district's director of technology and pandemic coordinator.

A survey sent to parents shows about 75 percent are ready to send their kids back. But for those who aren't, there is an option to learn from home.

A Swivl camera will be in classrooms, allowing students learning remotely to be taught alongside their peers in school.

"We have facilities that are set up to bring students together. Now we're trying to separate them and that's very difficult. That's the challenge our teachers have, the challenge our principals have," said Rushefski.

Face masks will be required in all schools. That's the governor's order. But Jim Thorpe officials know parents have concerns so they're working on creating some flexibility for students while complying with safety measures.

"We're looking at dividers at desks so when they're at their desk with a divider then perhaps that's a time they don't need to wear their face mask," said Brown.

Classrooms will be redesigned to maintain social distance and buses will max out at 48 kids.

All students and staff will undergo daily health checks like one which district employees are already using.

"Nothing is ever risk-free but we're going to do our best as a district to make sure everything is safe and secure," said Brown.

School officials know as the pandemic remains fluid, plans may change at a moment's notice.

"As time goes on, that document is going to evolve and we need to be able to adapt and pivot based on where the needs are," said Rushefski.

Jim Thorpe's first day of school is expected to be September 8th. Again if Carbon County changes colors, school procedures will change too.

The full reopening plan is available to view here on the school district's website.