Businesses in the Lake Region are seeing mixed results in the Covid-19 era.

While resorts and restaurants have been hit hard, boat rentals and sales are seeing a huge surge.

Some resorts in the area are worried the Governor's latest restrictions could put them out of business.

For Sarah O’Fee, the last few months have been a whirlwind.

“What makes it harder is that every Friday we hang around waiting to see what new restrictions are going to come down. Are they going to come up or go down and that makes it impossible to plan ahead. “

Silver Birches has scraped by with outdoor dining, but O’Fee realizes this business is only temporary.

“As more things move outside, when it rains we are going to get hit, when it snows we are going to get hit and I really feel bad for our community.”

And with indoor dining being forced to operate at 25 percent capacity, O’fee’s fears many restaurants won’t survive.

“We did our best to try to create more spaces that are outdoor and heated, but a lot of business can’t afford to do that and won’t make it and I feel sad for them. “

But while restaurants in the lake region are suffering, boat sales and rentals are skyrocketing.

“Boat rentals, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, every day we are just jam packed. “

Steve Gelderman admits the demand has been so high, rentals are hard to come by.

“Right now for most of our stuff we are booked up 5-7 days in advance. “

And for Gelderman he credits the wave of success, to more and more people willingly spending their money on outdoor activities.

“I feel like people have money to burn, its burning a hole in their pocket and they want to spend it anyway they can. “