A Palmerton boy scout dedicates his eagle scout project to area veterans. 

Joshua Long built these raised garden beds for the Valor Clinic in Jonas. He didn't do it alone, construction was a family affair. His grandfather, father, and brother who is also an eagle scout lent helping hands. Joshua says even his sister was a part of the project.

He tells News 13 he got the inspiration from his scout camping trips at Camp Trexler, which isn't too far from the Valor clinic. He just wanted to find a way to give back to the area where he spent so much time as a scout. 

"I just hope they enjoy it, i hope they get some good use out of it. I know they love gardening and planting so i hope they are the right size so they don't have to bend over and hurt their backs. I just hope they enjoy it," said  Long. 

The raised beds join several others already at the Valor Clinic. So the veterans have even more space to garden.