A fire is under investigation at a campground in Monroe County.

Flames broke out this morning at Timothy Lake North RV Campground in Middle Smithfield Township.

The building known as their “former welcome center” was completely destroyed.


Francis Piraino is visiting from Alaska and spotted the flames as he was taking his dog for a walk this morning at Timothy Lake North RV Campground.

Piraino says, "I just saw a lot of flames and was like that’s way too big for a camp fire and I started running down there and it was really flaming."

Firefighters were called just before 8am. We’re told the building known as their “former welcome center” was fully involved when the three volunteer departments arrived.

Jason Walker from New York says, "Wow, I saw photos, 30 foot flames, it was huge, just really really big, unusual for around here I’m sure."

No one was inside at the time of the fire, but one firefighter suffered a minor injury that was treated on scene. The building is completely destroyed. Officials tell us it was being used for storage.

Piraino says, "You know, kind of weird because I was looking in the building when I first got here and there’s nothing in there. It was just falling apart basically, the wood around the outside."

Walker says, "I know it was empty, in fact one of the gentleman had said I think his boss was cleaning it out over the weekend so they had some plans for it and I guess it’s not going to happen now."

Walker, who’s been coming to the campground with his family for the past couple years, spoke with fire marshals this morning who came to investigate the cause. He finds the fire suspicious after seeing a guy walking around with a flashlight near the building last night.

Walker says, "It’s unusual, people just don’t come walking through here in the middle of the night unless they’re supposed to be here and nobody’s down by those admin buildings because all the people are in their campers and cabins."

He hopes the blaze wasn’t intentionally set and that person was just out for a nature walk.

Walker says, "We don’t want anything like that here, I mean this is a great place."

A spokesperson of the campground sent us this statement: "We are saddened to experience an event like this in our campground. Our thanks go to the first responders who worked to put out the fire and ensure it remained contained to a single building. We will be working with the fire department as they investigate the cause of the fire."