Local police will join the Pennsylvania State Police in a campaign targeting aggressive drivers.

The targeted enforcement is the third wave of a statewide effort to curb speeding, distracted driving, tailgating and more. 

John Jones noticing more drivers are returning to the road after months of being cooped up in the house.

“People are really sick of being inside, but regardless we need to be worried about safety first. “

With more vehicles on the road, local and state police are teaming up to combat aggressive driving.

“You’re really going to start seeing a marked patrol presence to curb that aggressive driving. “

The enforcement wave will focus on red light running, tailgating, steer clear, and pedestrian safety.

“Reduce speed in construction zones we are really focusing on that and the move over whether it’s a garbage truck, construction vehicle or police officer. “

The program has been a success, last years targeted enforcement resulted in nearly 40,000 citations statewide.

“This is a really big deal for us and we do this to save people. It’s not to hurt anybody. “

Police will also be cracking down on drivers engaged in other bad behavior behind the wheel. “

“Our biggest thing we deal with today is the distraction. Distraction from our cell phones, distractions from our music, distractions from too many people in the car. “

Jones has even caught people sending emails and watching videos while driving.

“And they think it’s cool, but it’s not cool when you either kill yourself or you kill someone else in another vehicle.

And for Jones, this campaign is centered on two things, curbing crashes and saving lives.

“We want people to have fun, but with fun comes responsibility. “

The campaign runs through August 23rd