Stroudsburg businesses are calling on town leaders for help.

All restaurants are struggling right now under Governor Wolf’s new COVID-19 restrictions.

But owners on Stroudsburg’s Main Street say having extra room for outside dining could offset some of the hardship.

Owner Barry Lynch of Newberry's Yard of Ale says, "We’re going through a really, really hard time. It’s not going to go away anytime soon. The knock on effect of what the governor has done will last for months."

Lynch knows no business can pay the bills at the current 25 percent capacity restriction, not to mention the new rules when it comes to drinking alcohol. He says the borough needs to help the restaurants and bars now before it's too late...

Lynch says, "Nothing has been done for the small businesses with Stroudsburg Borough Council, yet I’ve been trying to work with them for three months now."

Lynch had requested the council work with PennDOT to allow eateries on Main Street to extend their outdoor dinning seats since it’s a state owned road.

Lynch says, "Bag the meters, put up barricades, create a festival atmosphere, extend outdoor dining, bring people to Main Street, do something positive."

The owner of Siamsa Irish Pub which is located on the same block agrees extra seating outside would be a big help. He knows it’s been working in other areas.

Owner Douglas Gawthroe of Siamsa Irish Pub says, "We’re constantly trying to figure out new ways to add business to the restaurant and new ideas to come up with things, it’s a challenge."

And Borough Council is on board to make it happen. In fact, they filled out the permit and provided the safety map about a month ago to PennDOT. They’ve been waiting on the district’s decision since then.

Lynch says, "We’ve done a ton of work, absolutely so we’re doing the best we can so that the restaurant owners can go out in the road and put their tables out and as safely as possible as well."

We reached out to PennDOT on the status of the parklets and we’re told they’re still reviewing the request but they will be reaching out to the borough shortly.