The constitutional right to a jury trial doesn't end with a pandemic.

As Carbon County's court system prepares to resume trials next week, new measures are being implemented to protect jurors and all others involved in the trial process.

"They should feel comfortable that they can come in here, do their civic duty," said Carbon County commissioner, Rocky Ahner.

All three scheduled trials and jury selection will happen in the biggest courtroom. The space has been redesigned to maintain social distancing.

"Some of these other places don't have courtrooms this big that they can do this. We're very fortunate," said Ahner.

Plexiglass now wraps around the judge's bench and witness stand. They're the only places masks will not be required.

"The witness themselves when they testify will not be required to wear a mask and that's basically for sound, to make sure everyone can hear everything," said Roger Nanovic, president judge of the Carbon County Court of Common Pleas.

During jury selection, potential jurors will wear clear shields so their whole face is visible to the judge. But before they even step foot in the courthouse, they must complete a COVID-19 questionnaire.

"We're dependent on the integrity of the individual to answer those questions. Quite honestly I trust the people of Carbon County to be honest with us," said Nanovic.

Once a trial is underway, jurors will remain in the courtroom until day's end.

"It's our intent at this time to basically provide meals to the jurors so they're not going to be going out in the community or out to purchase meals on their own," said Nanovic.

They're all measures being taken to ensure the safety of those helping the county serve justice amid the pandemic.

"If we thought we were endangering people by coming into this courthouse, into this courtroom for jury trials, we would not do so.," said Nanovic.

Jury selection is set to start Monday.