A federal judge has ordered the closure of a trailer park in Wayne County.

Neville Mobile Home Court in Salem Township was ordered to close down by April of 2021.

Owner, Nancy Neville has until next year to comply. This comes after she allegedly failed to abide by a 2012 order over the park’s defective sewer system.

“Would it be scary to you if you were 81 years old?”

For resident Rich Kinsley, it felt like a blindside blow.

“We didn’t expect it at all and we are all basically in the same boat. “ Now, he could be forced to leave the place he called home for 45 years. 

“If this park closes where do you go?” About 100 people live in Neville Mobile Home Court in Salem Township. All residents just found out this week, a judge has ordered the trailer park to close.

“And not only that do they think this people have unlimited funds why do you think they live here. “ Kinsley explains the ruling dates back to 2012 when a faulty sewer system was ordered to be replaced.

“There was a problem with the sewage and they did what they need to do to fix that. “ From Kinsley's knowledge, owner, Nancy Neville invested big money into fixing it, but the repairs were insufficient.

“They needed to put a new water filtration system in and they were supposed to do that, but It never materialized I guess. “

Kinsley has already spent thousands of dollars renovating his home.

“A lot of money, a lot of work and to top it off, where do you move to.”

And he’s terrified, come this time next year, he might not have a place to live.

“It’s like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff and hoping not to fall. “

The park was ordered to be closed by April of 2021. The owner’s attorney has appealed that decision. Neville promises to fight this so her tenants don’t lose their homes.