The effects of Tropical Storm Isaias hit the Pocono region today bringing tornado warnings, power outages and flooding.

The storm left hundreds without power in Pike County, causing flooding, downed trees and property damage.

The roaring winds of the tropical storm knocked down power lines and caused pockets of the area to be under water. Emergency officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads until the storm passes.

Tropical storm Isaias roared through the Pocono region, leveling power lines, toppling trees and knocking out power.

“Between 40-50 mph winds and we are talking about 60 inches of rainfall in short period of time. “

The storm brought flooding rains and strong winds. Just off 390 in Palmyra Township, powerful gusts toppled this tree that collapsed into the power lines.

“All your low lying areas are going to causes havoc. What you get with that is the flooding and trees down and its definitely going to cause some havoc.

Knapp expects flash flooding to be an issue, but explains it shouldn’t be as problematic due to the dry summer.

“The one good thing is that a lot of the stream beds are low because the weather has been kind of dry, but you’re going to see some things like debris that wash out and will be some flash flooding.

Officials at the utility company are reporting hundreds are in the dark. There have been widespread outages in both Pike and Wayne County.

“We have a great relationship with the utility companies and we have been in contact with them all day so we learned a lot from past storms and we will do what we need to and work quickly to get the power back on.

Even as rain slows or ends, flooding still remains a concern. Knapp urges drivers to turn around and not drown if they are out traveling.

“Power lines on the road, turn around don’t go near them, call 911 and you might see downed trees on the road so either turn around or drive cautiously. “

Knapp warns drivers to stay off the roads until the storm passes. The utility companies are expecting power to be restored by midnight.