The Mayor of Honesdale says the heavy rain and floods caused such extensive damage that it could take months to repair.

Here on the intersection of Vine and Commercial Street, crews have been out since last night clearing out the damage the storm water left in its wake.

 Emergency officials point the finger at an unusual amount of rainfall over a brief period of time. The washouts were so intense, parts of the street are gone.

The tropical storm didn’t last long, but its impact will be felt in Honesdale for some time.

“It got pretty fierce around mid-afternoon and we got some damage at the back of our building. “

Blaze Weilebinski describes it as geyser erupting.

 “It was picking up pavement, picking up piping and shooting it right down the street. “

And he hasn’t seen rainfall that intense since Super Storm Sandy.

“It just had no place to go so it created a lot of damage. “

Vine Street took the brunt of the damage. Chunks of the road were washed out.

“If we were to get the rainfall over a few months it would be no big deal, but the streams, and culverts aren’t capable of handling that much water. “

Crews were out today, using heavy equipment to haul away pieces of the street that were torn away by the rapid moving water.

“The cleanup part is coming along real well “

But Pratt can’t predict how long it will take to fix this section of Vine Street. “

“I can’t answer that. We need to have an assessor come in and take a look before we know how much damage we are looking at.

Emergency officials are unclear how long it will take or how much it will cost to clean up the damage this storm left behind.