Hurricane Isaias wreaked havoc on Slatington. Homes were damaged and some people had to be evacuated.

Some buildings had a couple inches of water inside. News 13s Dominic Barone joined us live from Slatington at a business that's been without power for 24 hours.

Crews are on scene at factory street installing a new utility pole which fell into trout creek yesterday - taking with it all the wiring and electrical meters from the side of Buzzy's Autobody Shop. The workers here tell us all the damage happened so fast, and everything was very loud.

"Just sounded like a bunch of fire works, but ten times worse. It was crazy, man. It like boom, boom, boom, boom non-stop." said Kory Rabenold of Buzzy's.

The utility pole next to Buzzy's Autobody is along Trout Creek, and when it fell over that's where it ended up. But it didn't fall without taking all the wiring from the side of the building. Rabenold said not only were they were dealing with an insane amount of water, but no power. Their dumpster ended up floating down the creek and the wiring on top of the pole sparked a blast before falling.

"Sounded like an explosion happened." Rabenold said, "Then all of a sudden the telephone pole fell down. And before you know it we lost power and it just kept on sparking and carrying on."

The 7th Street Village apartments on Scout House Road, also next to Trout Creek, took an incredible amount of damage. Fencing was completely ripped down, and all the residents from Building A had to be evacuated as the first floors took on a couple inches of water. Crews were in the homes today drying it out and replacing wet drywall. Lydia Beltran says the water came through the back door in the blink of an eye.

"The water is coming out. Like you close your eyes, you open, it's coming faster." Beltran said, "In 15 [minutes] or half an hour it's a lot of water around."

Slatington fire department was busy last night. They were dispatched 21 times. Fire Chief Jason Nicholas tells us their crews started at 930 in the morning, and didn't finish until one a-m the next day.