The Stroudsburg Area School District makes an important decision about the schools reopening plans.

Last night the school board voted against a hybrid learning option, where students would rotate between in-person learning and remote learning based on their last name. Officials say there are still concerns about the students and teachers safety as the pandemic continues. However, the superintendent says they will likely come back to that option at some point.

"As we evaluate and identify the detail of the remote option, and what that looks like, there's still going to come a point that we're going to come back to school. And I doubt it will be on some given day just bring everyone back 100%. I think it will be a slow reintroduction of students and staff," Stroudsburg Area School District Superintendent, Dr. Cosmas Curry, said.

Curry says the administrative team is working on a new plan with a focus on remote learning. They will hold another meeting on August 12th to discuss their latest plans for the school year.