Governor Wolf has made a strong recommendation for all high school and youth sports to be canceled through January first of next year.

It's only a recommendation, but it's one officials and school administrators say comes after plenty of time and energy has already been spent coming up with safe plans to play.

Just like the latest restriction on restaurants, legislators and sporting officials feel this came out of no where. Governor Wolf announcing yesterday in a news conference he wants to hold off on fall sports like cross country, soccer, field hockey, and football to name a few. Legislators wish this call would have been made earlier before student athletes and coaches started practicing.

"They've invested time and energy into how they can go about it. And the governor just comes out of the blue at a press conference and says he's strongly recommending no fall sports." said State Representative Doyle Heffley.

No one saw it coming - the governor's announcement recommending fall sports not be played. The governing body of sports in Pennsylvania, the PIAA, had no idea this recommendation would be made after spending the summer preparing and planning.

"The PIAA was not even aware that the governor was going to say there's no fans in the stands. The PIAA was not aware that the governor was going to make a recommendation to no sports." Heffley said, "Meanwhile you have school districts which are spending resources."

Heffley, along with many others, wants to see sports go on with restrictions - just like so many other aspects of life right now. But he understands some parents and athletes will choose not to play due to health and safety concerns.

"Nobody's forcing anybody to play fall sports." He said, "So if parents, and I understand it if son or daughter has underlying conditions. But there's options to either play sports or not to play sports. But I can say I think it's a healthy balance for young people to be active."

The PIAA released a statement saying they would like to have further conversations with the governor's office before making a final decision.