Vacations no longer need to be put on hold thanks to e-learning. One resort in Monroe County is making it even easier to get-away and still get the school work done. 

There’s a new special area being created at Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun for kids to bring in their laptops and chrome books and do their schoolwork online for three to five hours. It’s called "Wiley’s Schoolhouse."

Assistant General Manager Brieanna Ruggia at Great Wolf Lodge says, "We’ll have a person from our Kids Ambassador team here helping guide all of the children around and if recess allows, we’ll have our kids stop and do stretches, play different games and kind of give a break and head back on to their e-learning."

The Howl ‘N Learn package for overnight guests is designed to assist parents and provide the ultimate "schoolcation" for families.

Ruggia says, "They’ll get their school done and then they can hit the waterpark afterward for a fun filled adventure. This will give the opportunity for parents who work to head back to their room, either head on a conference call, get some work done or relax with the new life of e-learning."

Families visiting the resort today tell us having their kids learning online at home is tough and they could definitely use this type of break.

New Jersey Resident Arthur Branigan says, "It’s appetizing to come and try to get away a little bit, especially with all the e-learning coming up. Last year was almost a culture shock when you’re coming in and all of a sudden you’re working all day and now you’re home and you’re a teacher."

New York Resident Fannie Brown says, "It would take some of the stress off from the parents and for the kids because they’d be having fun at the same time because you don’t do online learning all day long."

New York Resident Wendi Porter says, "It actually sounds like a great idea. I have five kids at home, definitely could use a break for a couple hours and have them engage in their education."

The room isn’t set up just yet, the staff will be following the Paw Pledge Promise in order to keep everyone safe.

((Ruggia)) We’ll have plexiglass around the students and the students will remain six feet distanced. Before they enter, we’ll have our sanitation station and the room will be sanitized before use.


Ruggia says, "The parents don’t want to cook dinner and are looking for an escape after they’ve done their schoolwork and their work for the day, they’ll come in later in the afternoon, enjoy bowling and mini golf or the arcade or whatever package they would like. Have dinner provided for them and head home for a relaxing evening."

Both "Wiley’s Schoolhouse" and the local vouchers will be available at the end of September.