For Isabella Lopez of Summit Hill, riding a bike isn't something that comes easy.

"As she's gotten older, and a little bit harder to control it's been very difficult to get her out on a bike," said her dad, Justin Frace.

But on Wednesday, that changed. Isabella was one of several special needs children who were gifted with a brand new adaptive bicycle.

"Most of our children couldn't ride a two-wheel bike and had to sit on porches, so on and so forth, so today they're going to get to see them do something nobody thought they could do," said Mickey Sgro, a board member of Variety Kids.

Variety Kids is a Pittsburgh-based charity which delivers adaptive equipment to kids across Pennsylvania. On Wednesday, it brought five adaptive bikes and five adaptive strollers to Carbon County.

"Pandemic, rain it doesn't matter. We want to make sure we get this equipment into these children's hands," said Sgro.

Variety teamed up with the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit and the Flying Aces Motorcycle Club in Rockport to make it happen.

"Every opportunity we have to help kids. Every kid deserves to ride a bike so it was a golden opportunity for us," said Steve Cerullo, treasurer of the Flying Aces.

The groups giving families something which will make everyday life just a little easier, and giving the kids some much-needed sunshine on a rainy day.

"It's amazing. It's easy for us to transport him to the park, out to dinner, traveling, because he doesn't like to walk so this is convenient. He's not really aware of danger so he falls and drops so this is perfect, I'm ecstatic," said Chasitsy King of Lower Macungie, whose son Limear received a stroller.

"It'll be fun to have her get out with her brothers and play a little bit more and have a good time without being able to get injured and being a little bit more in control so it's awesome to have this for her," added Frace.