It’s the last hoorah of summer at Lake Wallenpaupack.

Resorts in both Pike and Wayne County say they are geared up for the long holiday weekend. 

Sarah O’Fee’s expecting a very busy weekend at Silver Birches.

“It’s the last weekend of the summer, the kids are off from school and we expect a lot of people are coming in. “

O’Fee admits adjusting hasn’t been easy, the resort invested thousands setting up additional outdoor seating so people can socially distance.

“We did setup the outdoor seating here at Captain Wally’s Cove so people can sit down, order a cocktail, and have something to eat. “

First time guests, escaping the city, were excited to stumble upon this hidden retreat.

“We wanted to get away from the coronavirus, get away somewhere with some fresh air and we found Silver Birches. “

Kendall Rosselli and her family spent the day kayaking on the lake. It might be her first trip, but it won’t be her last.

“We are thinking about coming out here every year and just hanging out and spending quality family time. “

More seasoned guests, knew exactly what to expect and couldn’t wait to get away.

“The views are so wonderful the lake is just majestic and it’s the perfect place to hang out for the last weekend of the summer.

Most years, Labor Day weekend marks the end of the busy season , but in the era of covid-19, O’Fee predicts the crowds aren’t going away.

“We are expecting people to stay through September. Go to work from here, go to school from here and enjoy what happens to be my favorite season which is the fall. “