In this pandemic summer, it seems the Poconos have remained a safe haven for tourists.

"I think people are discovering us or rediscovering us again and because it's such an easy drive from large population centers, it's an easier choice," said Chris Barrett, president/CEO of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

The escape many are making to the outdoors has meant a boom in business for industries like golf.

"It's been busier than the last three summers. I mean, the weather's been great also, we haven't had a lot of rain but just the amount of people playing golf has really increased," said Brian Patrick, head golf pro at Split Rock Country Club.

Courses like Split Rock have been buzzing all summer with first-time players and big group outings.

"A lot of guys I talked to, bachelor parties and golf trips, they ended up doing golfing instead of going to the Yankees game or Phillies game or taking the kids to Great Adventure. It became more golf-oriented, it was a safe thing to do," said Patrick.

And even with capacity restrictions, whitewater rafting companies also had an unexpected banner season.

"While margins and costs were certainly up on a per trip basis, we ended up running the same number of trips as we would have run last year," said Sky Fogal, owner of Pocono Whitewater.

Pocono Whitewater has even seen an increase in traffic on historically slow days like Sundays and mid-week.

"We personally have done really well and in fact one of our biggest issues right now is finding enough staff. We're still trying to hire," said Fogal.

Hotel and resort occupancy across the Poconos is down 20 percent compared to this time last year, but considering facilities aren't permitted to be at full-capacity, the PMVB is pretty happy.

"We still have a ways to go to be comparative to 2019, or even the first quarter of 2020, but we're absolutely headed in the right direction," said Barrett.

Pocono Whitewater is looking to hire high school and college students to work at its Skirmish Paintball facility this fall. You can learn more on the company's website.