Students are starting their third week of classes today in Monroe County.

Many are using a hybrid learning schedule for the first time. Luckily there have been few glitches.

We got to crash a sixth grade math class today. But we weren’t inside the school, we were on the computer.

East Stroudsburg 6th Grader Jayda Berrios says, "Last time when we were in classes, we only did online at certain times but now we get to do it with all our friends and we know what we’re doing."

East Stroudsburg 6th Grader Ariana Browne says, "Little classes so more people can participate in questions so more people can understand it better."

East Stroudsburg 6th Grader David Alva says, "So far it’s been really fun like seeing each other again and learning new stuff."

East Stroudsburg students seem to be enjoying the hybrid learning. The sixth graders in Tony Henritzy’s math class are both at home on the computer and inside his classroom on the computer following along to today’s lesson.

Henritzy says, "It’s geared so that they can have success at home and in person, and the same struggles that you would have if you were in person five days a week."

If the students are having a issue whether remote or in person they can instantly receive help. It’s also broadening their skills to reach out electronically to teachers through email.

Henritzy says, "It provides access to me more times throughout the day then it would be if it was a traditional setting because I’m constantly checking my email, I’m constantly looking at my chats on the side for that help."

And we’re told it’s been all systems go for students and teachers using the technology.

East Stroudsburg Schools Administrative Services Director Eric Forsyth says, "Their connectivity is not an issue, the school district has invested in chrome books for each student so we have a one to one technology relationship. We also have wonderful help from our community partners like Blue Ridge Cable who have offered free internet on an extended program through the end of this calendar year to those who already didn’t have it."

Both East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg School Districts made sure their internet bandwidth was working over the summer to accommodate the new asynchronous live learning. But Stroudsburg parents were complaining it was an issue. The superintendent tells us the lagging and dropping of certain classes last week was because of an upgrade to the teacher chrome book processors.

Stroudsburg Superintendent Dr. Cosmas Curry says, "We have a call into Google to try and resolve that and get a patch put through sooner than later to fix that problem, but in the meantime the solution is that teachers are utilizing their main frame computers which are hardwired."

If you are having problems with your technology, go to your schools website and click on the technology help link or just call your school’s principal.