Governor Wolf is firing back after a judge rules against virus restrictions.

The Pennsylvania Governor won’t debate the case they’re appealing or whether or not his actions saved lives in the fight against COVID-19.

His response comes after a federal judge ruled yesterday the governor’s stay at home order, non-essential business shut down and limited public gatherings unconstitutional.

Governor Tom Wolf says, "I am not in a position, would never follow the irresponsible demands of the president or the Republican legislature, absolutely not."

Wolf vows to appeal yesterday’s federal court ruling as far as necessary to ensure that he can continue to do what he needs to do to make sure Pennsylvanians stay safe. Wolf spoke at a news conference in York today after a United States District Judge ruled the current limits on gatherings and the stay at home and business closures from earlier this year violated constitutional due process and equal protection guarantees.

Wolf says, "We have managed throughout this whole thing to manage outbreaks and to mitigate risks successfully while trying to bring some normalcy to the life we all want to live and right now Pennsylvania is a leader in the region and in many ways in the nation in terms of how we’ve kept deaths and sicknesses low."

Senator Mario Scavello of the 40th District applauds the judge’s decision because he says the governor’s restrictions were inconsistent and lacked transparency.

Scavello says, "He was picking and choosing winners and losers, and I’ve been saying that all along. And then when you question his criteria for waivers and non waivers and who he gave waivers to and who he didn’t made no sense."

Representative Maureen Madden of the 115th District sent us this statement:

“The science is real despite one judge’s ruling. That is why I’m still wearing a mask, washing my hands, and keeping my distance while the appeal is being heard. We’re going to keep listening to the scientists and doctors by following the guidelines that have been working to make the Commonwealth’s response to the pandemic one of the safest in the country”.

And Scavello agrees people should still follow the governor’s mandates right now.

Scavello says, "What’s going to happen is he’s going to probably ask for a stay of that decision as he files, if he gets his stay then you would be closed back again."

The federal case was filed by lawmakers and business owners in four counties in Pennsylvania back in March.