Generosity is overflowing  at a Lehighton bakery. Customers are paying it forward one cup of coffee at a time. 

Blended Bakery on First Street launched it's "Hanging Coffee," initiative Wednesday morning. When customers come in for a coffee, they can pre-pay for another cup to be hung on a tree. 

Then whenever someone in the community needs a little pick me up, they can stop in and grab a tag from the tree to get their cup. 

When News 13 stopped by Wednesday morning, the owner told us 40 cups had already been purchased by local residents who saw the post online.

"We are so excited! The reach from everyone connecting with us, saying that we pulled at their heart strings and they love this idea and they are really excited to help us out," said owner Christina Yurasits. 

Yurasits says the hanging coffee's will be around indefinitely. They even have plans to expand to soup and other sweet treats.