After two months of construction the train platform in the center of town is nearly complete. This weekend tourists will arrive from Berks County on a sold out train.

Business owners in the area are excited for this economic driver to start boosting commerce in town.

I's on this new platform we're standing on now Reading and Northern is using to bring the "ride and dine" trains from Reading to Tamaqua. One restaurant on Broad Street is the dining part of the train ride. The owner said tourists love it and keep coming back.

"People from different areas, they all come up and get to try our restaurant. Get to see our Tamaqua area. The downtown Tamaqua which is beautiful." said Alfie Picone from La Dolce Casa on Broad Street.

He gives train riders his "taste of Italy" dinner experience. It's part of the ticket purchase. Picone said he's already seen riders come up in their cars to enjoy his restaurant and the town again.

Picone said, "Qe have people keep coming back. We had the first train ride that we did, we seen people coming back again saying, "We love the atmosphere of this restaurant, we love the food."

This is what the platform looked like at the end of June. Just a few short months later, the final touches are being made. For newer establishments like Wheel Restaurant - who opened during the pandemic - bringing people here from out of town is a blessing.

"We're really excited about how Tamaqua welcomed us with open arms." said manager Kyle Lechleitner said, "And the community has been incredible so far. It just makes us even more excited to see that they're revitalizing."

Being only a block away from the train platform, they've already seen the effect the first couple ride and dines have had on Tamaqua - and they hope those rides only continue coming.

Lechleitner said, "We were excited to see people coming. We're hoping to see people from Reading area and all these different areas that normally don't travel in this area to come in and see what we have to offer and what we bring to the community and generate that foot traffic to help all local businesses."

After this Saturday's sold-out ride, there will be a rides in October on Halloween, mid-November, and one in the beginning of December. Reading and Northern officials tell News 13 in the future you will be able to board the train here to go somewhere else.