An Albrightsville resident at the Indian Mountain Lake community is suing the homeowners association for an invasion of privacy. He claims large security guards came onto his property and tried opening his front door after a dispute at the entrance with a guest.

"Started peering in my window, and started asking me questions without identifying themselves. Quite frankly, it put me on edge." said Joseph Bahgat.

Bahgat was relaxing in his home with a friend two weeks ago when he claims two large men walked on his porch, started asking him questions through an open window, and tried opening the front door. He said it was very unsettling as they did not knock or announce themselves. It started when the gatekeeper would not allow his guest to come in to the community. So he took matters into his own hands.

"I moved the orange barrel to the side so that she could drive through between the gate and the ditch" Bahgat said.

He told the security guard at the entrance to allow this woman to enter, but that security guard wouldn't allow it for unknown reasons. About an hour and a half later two men, in what he calls body armor, approached his home with the button on their handgun holsters unsnapped.

"What are you... What are you coming to do to me that you've got full body armor? And you're ready to draw your firearm?" Bahgat said.

Problems at the entrance are common. When Bahgat purchased this home in 2018, he chaired a committee which aimed to address the problems with allowing guests into the community.

"There are people that come from far away that get rejected. Get turned away from the community because they don't have their vehicle registration with them at the time." he said.

Bahgat is seeking 50,000 dollars, but he says he'll forego the settlement if they change the gate policy. When we contacted the office of Indian Mountain Lake about the lawsuit, they said "no comment." Bahget said the Indian Mountain Lake association has 25 days to respond to his lawsuit, which he filed on September 8th. And he says at this point they have not yet done so.