We begin tonight with reaction from a Carbon County woman inside the Lehigh Valley Mall during a weekend shooting.

Just before 5pm on Saturday shots were fired inside the Lehigh Valley Mall.

Everyone inside had to shelter in place at the back of stores until police cleared the scene.

A Bowmanstown mom and daughter had been picking apples and stopped at the mall for a birthday present. Never thinking they'd end up lying on a concrete floor in a storage closest wondering when or if they would make it out alive.

"The girl that was placed in the front of the store for COVID protection yell to everybody in the store to get to the back of the store." said Tonia Smale-Lorenzo.

One second Smale-Lorenzo of Bowmanstown was looking at jeans. The next? She's watching a stampede of people running through the mall concourse. Shots were reported just before 5pm. Police said whoever fired those shots immediately ran away. For Smale-Lorenzo and her four year old daughter, they waited patiently with other customers and employees for hours.

"Because we also needed to stay quiet in case the shooter or shooters, because at the time we didn't know what they were, were looking for people to kill."Smale-Lorenzo said.

Although they didn't know everything as it was happening, store employees were in contact with mall security through a landline getting details along the way.

"They were able to say swat team is on site. They're bringing dogs in first. And then they will be sweeping through store by store after they get finished with the common areas." she said.

Smale-Lorenzo was shopping in a store called Torrid, and she cannot thank the four women working the store enough.

"The four employees that were working at the torrid store at the time did an exceptional job of keeping us safe. She dropped that gate immediately to save everybody who was in the store." She said, "The others ushered us to the back of the store into a store room."

Smale-Lorenzo said if it wasn't for that landline, there would have been no communication to the outside. All ten people in the store had no cell signal to dial out. She's asking for Simon Malls to make a change, and provide their customers with ample cell service.

"There were people who were tucked under racks. Or behind shelves and things all by themselves. Could you imagine being in that situation by yourself? and then not only by yourself, but not have any communication?" Smale-Lorenzo said.

No one was injured in the shooting. Police released a new statement less than an hour ago saying they found three shell casings, they still do not have any suspects or persons of interest at this time, and they're asking the public for any cell phone video between the times of 430 and 515 that day.