"Stay calm and vote. We've got this for you. Your vote will count. Your vote will matter."

That's the message Northampton County executive Lamont McClure has for voters ahead of this November's presidential election.

"There is a great deal of discussion regarding the safety and security of the ballot in the nation right now," said McClure.

But Northampton County officials are pledging faith in their voting procedures, both at the polls and through mail-in voting.

"There is really no excuse not to vote in Northampton County," said McClure.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hangs around, many are planning to vote by mail. So far, Northampton has received 63,000 applications.

"We have sent out 30,000 ballots to those who have already applied. We plan to get the remainder out by the end of the week," said Amy Cozze, the county's registrar of elections.

The county announced Monday it will deploy four drop boxes for mail-in ballots, one in each county council district.

"Each of these boxes will be secured in a matter that they cannot be moved by anyone who doesn't work for the county and these boxes will also be under video surveillance," said Charles Dertinger, the county's director of administration.

Ballots can also be sent back through the mail. They're already marked with postage and Northampton leaders say they're confident in the Postal Service's ability to deliver them on time.

"Everyone has a drop box at the end of their driveway," said McClure.

And for those who will be voting at the polls, officials say you must wear a mask, and you should expect lines.

"There are always lines during a presidential election and from the polls I've been reading, there has never been more interest in a presidential election than there is in this one," said McClure.

If you don't want to wait in line, and you're not registered to vote by mail, there's another option. You can come to the Northampton County Courthouse in Easton and vote in-person before November 3rd.

"The more people who come down to the courthouse and demand their ballot to vote here, the less people that will have to stand in line on Election Day," said McClure.

For residents in Lehigh Township and Walnutport, your drop box will be located at the county's 911 center in Upper Nazareth Township. If you're voting by mail, you can drop your ballot off there during business hours starting October 1st.