In a few hours, President Donald Trump will go head-to-head for the first time with Former Vice President Joe Biden.

Unlike many presidential debates in the past, the anticipation is comparable to the Super Bowl.

This debate is very meaningful for people of all walks of life because of the many challenges throughout this year. But even people who have no political interest tell us it’s something  on their mind and they may be grabbing a popcorn bowl.

Saylorsburg Resident Jessica Achey says, "I’m not super political but I might watch it for the entertainment factor."

Achey doesn’t usually tune in to presidential debates but seeing President Donald Trump face Democratic Nominee Joe Biden for the first time has got her attention.

Achey says, "Stumbling over answers, arguments, who knows."

Others tell us this moment is a long time coming and they need to hear each nominee’s views straight from their mouth.

Tannersville Resident Tom Richards says, "There’s been a tremendous amount of lies told in this election season and let’s get down to the truth."

Effort  Resident Denise Morin says, "This debate interests me, this election is important to me so I’m interested in the questions and the responses that they’re going to give and get."

While this may be the most divided electorate ever, we did find some people who haven’t solidified their vote and are watching tonight at nine to help make that decision.

Stroudsburg Resident Richard Pollaro says, "I have an open mind for the election from the beginning and I’ll listen to what they have to say."

Faculty members from East Stroudsburg University’s Political Science Department are hoping to give viewers a better understanding of each candidate’s platform. They’ll be holding a panel discussion on Zoom beforehand from 8-9pm.

ESU Political Science Professor Dr. Johan Eliasson says, "Both have a tendency to want to want to answer questions that they want to hear rather than the specifics. I think fielding some questions beforehand and getting a sense for where they may go and why they may do so is actually important to put it in context for the attendees."

They hope everyone tunes in to the debate because its history unfolding in real time.

ESU Political Science/Economics Department Chair Dr. Samuel Quainoo says, "It’s more or less the Super Bowl of our American Democracy. I mean that’s how historians put it, it’s a showboat, you see your candidate for the first time."

To view ESU’s panel and share questions search ESU Insider online. There is a link on their webpage.