The first ever Carbon County Harvest Festival will not be held at the county fairgrounds in Little Gap, but twenty minutes away at the West End Fairgrounds in Monroe County.

Organizers said it's too important to cancel, and they say it will all be done safely.

It will only be temporary for this year. Since the West End Fair was already set up from two weeks ago, organizers from the Carbon County Fair said the infrastructure is already in place. I's a timely decision they're happy to make.

"We had some technicalities, so we reached out to the great people at West End. Our partners at west end fair and they welcomed us." said Carbon County Fair president Bob Silliman.

Silliman is grateful to the West End Fairground board for allowing them to host the first ever Carbon County Harvest Festival. Silliman and other helpers are preparing plenty of food ahead of what is expected to be a busy weekend. Silliman said they are following all the rules to make for a safe festival during the rather unsettling pandemic.

He said, "We're following all CDC guidelines. You must wear a mask to enter. Your temperature will be checked."

People are also required to sign a liability waiver before entering. Many people say Harvest Festival should be canceled altogether, but Silliman said the show must go on. Many people rely on this event to make money, whether they are a non-profit organization or a private vendor making a living.

"We have several organizations that haven't really had a chance to do fundraising this year yet." Silliman said, And this is their only opportunity."

It's three dollars admission ages six and up, it's free to park, and the event is happening rain or shine this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.