The pandemic has now lead to a widespread appliance shortage.

Dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and stoves are all hard to get right now.

So if you’re looking to upgrade, you better plan ahead.

Owner Scott Mathiesen of Jewell Appliance says, "The stimulus check actually did what it was supposed to do and business really picked up, and plain and simple the manufacturers weren’t prepared for it. And we cleaned their warehouses out and now it’s very difficult to get most categories."

In the 30 years that Scott Mathiesen has owned Jewell Appliance on Stroudsburg’s Lower Main Street, he’s never seen a widespread appliance shortage throughout the whole industry until now.

Mathiesen says, "We have a lot of stuff on order. It is coming in as you can see from behind me but unfortunately we’re making our customers wait, but we do get the product."

Before the typical order turnaround was about two weeks, now that wait time has basically tripled.

Mathiesen says, "Unless they are happy with what we can give them that we do have in stock. We have standing orders in the system to just have some stuff in stock but basically it’s going out of here as quickly as it’s coming in."

And it’s not just in Pennsylvania.

South Jersey Resident Adrianne Alden says, "In South Jersey, we ordered a side-by-side in July. You had to pay upfront so that they could order it and they just informed me last week that it’s still on the production line, it hasn’t even been produced yet."

Alden is making sure she doesn’t run into the same problem with appliances for the house she’s currently building in Stroudsburg. That’s why she’s at Stroud TV and Appliance on North Ninth Street buying what she needs today for her settlement planned for March.

Stroud TV and Appliance Owner Dale Butz says, "If it’s something that you’re thinking about doing in the next three to four months, might be a good time to do your research, find exactly what you like and unfortunately place your order now and hope to get it before the holidays."

The owners don’t see the shortages ending anytime soon. The factories are continuously playing catch-up because of pandemic related shutdowns and reduction of workforce.