A Monroe County police stand-off ends peacefully with a wanted man in custody.

Police had their guns drawn for about four hours today in the parking lot of hotel on Stroudsburg’s West Main Street.

The suspect was wanted for a prior incident in the Lehigh Valley.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Guest Joshua Benyard says, "It was very scary, you know I don’t want to see anybody get hurt and just seeing all of these weapons drawn and pointed to me and this other individual, and I’m just walking out, checking out of my hotel. I don’t know what’s going on and seeing this it’s like seeing stuff in a movie."

Benyard then ran up to the room he was staying in and took this video of the scene unfolding in the parking lot behind the Holiday Inn Express and Suites on Stroudsburg’s West Main Street.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Guest Jason Marfino says, "The guy had the gun like this to his head as if he was going to commit suicide and you could tell he’s not all there in the head for someone to go like this with a gun."

Police tell us the stand-off started around nine this morning. Palmer Township Police from Northampton County contacted Stroud Area Regional that suspect Emir Justiniani had a warrant out for his arrest from an incident on September 13th and they tracked him to the hotel.

Stroud Area Regional Police Sergeant James Wielgus says, "It evolved from a car accident involving a rollover of the vehicle on Route 22, which he fled from. And then evidence that was found within the vehicle led them to charges for this individual."

Police spotted Justiniani and his girlfriend getting in a vehicle and moved in once they were inside.

Wielgus says, "Attempted apprehend him, however he was armed with a handgun and threatening suicide and attempting to get the officers in a forced officer involved shooting by forcing their hand to shoot him because he’s armed and dangerous to them."

Police held their perimeter and their swat team moved in. The backside of the hotel was locked down as Justiniani was contained to the vehicle as negotiators tried to talk with him for about four hours. We’re told his girlfriend holding a dog outside the vehicle stayed to ensure he wouldn’t kill himself. Eventually he came out of the vehicle and put the gun down. He was then taken into custody.

Wielgus says, "It went as well as we could expect and absolutely since he’s getting the treatment he needs and is in custody and nobody was hurt, that’s the outcome we look for."

Justiniani was taken to the hospital for evaluation and was then moved to the Palmer Township Police Department.