East Stroudsburg Borough officials are working on a project to honor those who serve.

They are making improvements to their park at the base of the Interborough Bridge.

Now they’re getting ready to re-dedicate Veteran’s Park next month.

East Stroudsburg Borough Council President Bill Reese says, "Our veterans do such an outstanding job. We have to honor them and keep that honor going."

Each branch of military service is highlighted with painted panels attracting your attention to Veteran’s Park as you travel from Stroudsburg over the Interborough Bridge into East Stroudsburg. Artists constructed them a few months ago and other changes are being made at the park.

Reese says, "Crab apple trees, there were old bushes that were used that were overgrown. That all has been removed and October 28th, seven trees will be delivered."

Now the monuments along with "HOMETOWN HERO" banners hanging from the utility poles recognizing the sacrifice men and women made fighting in every war in America can be properly seen. It holds special meaning to Reese who’s family paid for one of the banners to honor his father and others who helped save lives in World War II.

Reese says, "He is one of them that led the MASH Unit back in the early 40s in the Philippines."

The park is being re-dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11th at 11am because it’s important to show positive changes and to remember the past.

East Stroudsburg Borough Council Member Maury Molin says, "Giving a pause and a thought of why people have given their lives and sacrifices, and not only their lives as in dying but even putting their life on hold to serve the country so we have the freedoms that we have."

Veteran Joshua Whitby plans to attend the re-dedication and hopes it brings the community together.

Whitby says, "It definitely shows more community involvement, not just with the veteran community but in general, like getting more involved with itself. Something that I think is needed and is kind of like a big positive when looking forward to the future."

If you can’t make it out to the re-dedication on Veterans Day, you can always show your support by donating to the project. Just contact the Borough Office.