Pleasant Valley High School receives a special donation. A new scoreboard was donated to the school's baseball field in memory of a Pleasant Valley sports enthusiast.

Brittany angelica, the aunt of a pleasant valley baseball player, started an athletic scholarship fund back in 2016 in memory of her fiancée, Ricky Finelli. She tells us they have given away eight scholarships so far and plan to give out more. However, this year they wanted to give something back to the Brodheadsville school as well.

"I thought what else could I do with the community and how can I incorporate him with my family, and showcase his name to the community. I thought what better way than getting rid of the very old scoreboard that Pleasant Valley had for baseball," Brittany Angelica, Ricky Finelli Memorial Fund Founder, said.

Angelica says this donation is three years in the making, and having Finelli's name up for everyone to see means she can still share his kindness and generosity with the community.