A Tamaqua native who helped pave the way for the future of the arts announces she is stepping down from her role at the Community Arts Center.

Leona Rega took over as director of the Arts Center back in 2012. She announced she will be taking on a new role with the Adams County Arts Council in Gettysburg as executive director.

Rega tells News 13 she is thankful for the community welcoming her and for all of their help making the center what it is today. 

"This was a labor of love and it came directly from my heart but it wasn't done alone,  it was done with all of you. I just want to encourage everyone everywhere to grab onto the things you are passionate about, and go forward with them and don't look back. Because forward is where you want to be," said Rega. 

Rega helped spear head countless community projects like the Tamaqua has heart displays and the Choose Happiness mural. Along with transforming the former Methodist church on Pine Street into a state of the art performance and teaching center.

Her last day will be October 30th.