With Election Day less than two weeks away, there are a lot of eyes on the race for Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District which covers the Lehigh Valley and part of southern Monroe County.

Democratic incumbent Susan Wild is looking to spend another two years representing the 7th District. She knows the biggest challenge facing our country right now is COVID-19.

"We don't have an economic recovery until such time as people feel safe and until such time as we have testing and a vaccine that is in place," said Wild.

Republican challenger, Lisa Scheller, believes her background as owner of a Tamaqua-based manufacturing company and a former Lehigh County commissioner, gives her the experience to understand the support families and businesses need.

"What we need right now is targeted help to those in need, Americans and American businesses," said Scheller.

Both women agree more economic stimulus is needed, but have differing ideas on what that looks like.

"We want to be an economy of jobs, not of unemployment but the first thing we have to do is make sure people feel safe, that they are healthy," said Wild.

"We need to make sure the people who need assistance get that assistance but we also need to make sure people are not incentivized to stay home," said Scheller.

As far as healthcare goes, Scheller calls Obamacare a "catalyst" for higher business costs. She says coverage needs to be affordable while protecting pre-existing conditions.

"That is done by giving people more choices, not fewer. We need to reduce drug prices by methods like favored nations status. We need to have increased transparency and make things more competitive," said Scheller.

Wild also stresses the importance of cost-effective healthcare, but strives for a public option.

"We have to keep moving the ball forward. We have to approve the Affordable Care Act and we have to make this quality care accessible to every single person," said Wild.