Several employees at Blue Mountain Resort in Little Gap are honored for their live-saving efforts. 

Back in July, a guest at the resort was enjoying a day of mountain biking, when suddenly he went into cardiac arrest. 

Moments after the guest's friends called for help, he became unresponsive and his heart stopped. Seven employees at the resort jumped into action.

Sarah Seidel, a server at Slopeside Pub and Grille, was just finishing up her shift that afternoon. She says she was standing near the bar when she heard the calls for medical help. With her CPR training, she knew exactly what to do.

 "I assessed kind of what was going on, and at that time there were a bunch of people around trying to help him but I'm not sure if they knew exactly what to do. So I  jumped in and said make sure he was in the recovery position and make sure he is breathing," said Seidel. 

On Saturday, October 24th,  the group of employees were presented a citation from the State House of Representatives, thanking them for their life saving efforts that day.