Santa is really busy getting ready for Christmas next week, but he's taking a break to talk with area kids.

Saint Matthew's Parish in East Stroudsburg has teamed up with the Knights of Columbus to make the calls possible. Each call will not only help make the season bright for the kids but it's also a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Parents just need to send the "elves" a little information on the child. Like their name, if they have any siblings or pets.

"Some of the things they like to do, some things they are asking for Christmas. So, when Santa does call he will know a little about them so he will be able to have a nice chat with the kids," Anthony Matrisciano, Knight of Columbus, said.

We're told Santa is a really popular guy, but he still has time to make sure all the kids who would like a call get to speak with him. The form is available by reaching out to the American Cancer Society.