A longtime force in Carbon County and Jim Thorpe is retiring from her post on borough council. But at very young 93 - Edie Lukasevich said she's far from done contributing to her community.

Edie Lukasevich is a fixture in politics. She's involved in every way she can be for Carbon County's Democratic Party. She's also served on Jim Thorpe's borough council two separate times. Her first run happened from 1995 to 2002.

"I decided at the last minute to run really, and I actually had to defeat Mike Sofranko, our mayor." Lukasevich said,

But she said that's not when her desire for civic engagement began. As a young girl she was campaigning for FDR in the 1930s.

She said, "I knocked on my first door asking someone to vote for Mr. Roosevelt."

Edie ran for Jim Thorpe borough council again in 2017 at age 90 to try and bring the local tourism industry and community to some common ground.

"I feel like there's not enough of an understanding between the local people and the business people." she said.

Edie raised her children to be public servants as well. Carbon County commissioner Chris Lukasevich grew up watching his mother be so active, and early on wanted no part of it.

"I did not want to be a politician. and we often say that mom or dad, I'm never going to be like you." Chris laughed, "And we look back 40 or 50 years later, and we look in the mirror and see our mother or our father. And that's what has occurred to me."

When he moved back to Jim Thorpe after 35 years of military service, he decided to run as a republican. He has his mother's help and advice despite the fact he chose the opposing party. The swearing in ceremony was a big day for both of them.

"I was wishing that his father could have been there to see him." Edie said, "And I was so proud of him."

Edie is concerned about who replaces her on council, but whoever that is. She hopes it's someone who's young and full of fresh ideas.

"And I think it would be great if someone in your age group actually decided that they wanted to sit on the Jim Thorpe borough council, or on any council."

Even though she's retiring from public office, Edie Lukasevich said she's far from done being active and involved.

"I've got a lot more to do within the Democrat party to be honest with you."